Our laboratory : at the service of quality

Each seeds of Technisem’s brand must be able to meets our customers demands for quality. This is why our seeds are controlled at each step, frome the production to marketing. Every seeds batches were subjected to a rigorous testing process. In order to guarantee performing seeds to our customers, we also pay particular attention to the packaging.

                1/ Tests in laboratory…

More than 4,500 samples are tested every year in our quality laboratory. Our laboratory is member of a working group from Vegetables Section of the UFS (French  Seed Company Union) and works for the development of analytical methods and the calibration of the laboratory, in order to garantee reliable and undeniable results.

Differents standards of a quality seed are tested (germination rate, moisture content, mass of grain, specific purity, varietal purity, healthy quality…)

Germination tests are run according to the ISTA protocols (International Seed Testing Association) but also to internal processes, adapted to our Tropical species.

Before storage and packing, after treatment, we test the seed moisture of every batch with a Chopin oven or with an halogen dessicator.

                2/ … and controls made in fields

Each new batch is systematically subjected to a rigorous control of hybrid purity and variety verification.These tests are performed in micro-plots on our breeding stations with soil and climate conditions similar to those producers.

We also grow a passion for innovation

In parallel with conventional tests, we develop the hybrid purity and variety verification assisted by molecular markers. We work with specialists and use SNP marker technology (Single-nucleotide Polymorphism).