P1_production de semence de poivronOur department is in charge of Seeds production that Technisem markets in Africa. Production forecasts are based on the current seed stock and sales forecasts. Our department is the heart of Technisem activity in connection with all others services.

We produce Seeds all around the World in order to save time, to find suitable area and to qualified workforce. Indeed, Hybrid seed production requires skills and suitable climates.

Seed process:

When research department create a new variety, they have only 1 or 2 g of seeds. But we need much more in quantity to supply our market. That is why; Production department must multiply research seeds to be able to produce Commercial Seed in large quantity. So, it takes several years to multiply seeds.

For that, each variety must follow this process:


We can not differentiate physically those 3 kind of stock seed. But, because they have been produced differently (different level of isolation), they do not have the same value, the same quantity and the same purity.

Commerical Seed Production:

Commerical Seed Production is done by local production companies, composed by specialized Seeds growers located in suitable production areas. All contractors must follow stric quality-standards during seeds cultivation.

Each lot is precisely identified to ensure the traceability of our products. Only best quality seeds are purchased from growers. The plots are carefully chosen and crops are harvested with suitable equipment. Seeds supplied must be beyond reproach.

Collaboration process with suppliers:P4_modèle-de-contrat-2

                1/ Contract definition with supplier

We agree ourselves, for each variety to produce, on a price, a minimum quality, a final batch size, the terms of over-production …

                 2/ Stock Seeds shipment

P5_Préparation de l'envoi des semences de base aux fournisseursWe ship stock seed required quantity to supplier. 





                 3/ Crops following

To be sure of good quality of seed production, we visit, once a year, each suppliers just before harvest.

                4/ Commercial Seeds reception

Seed shipment in France is done by Sea or Air according to the volume and urgency. Customs declarations can be long because we have to prove that all our seeds are free of disease

                5/ Commercial Seeds quality

After reception of Seed, we do a germination test and varietal control on each lot. We pay supplier only if seeds has required quality. Of course, in case of problem, the lot is blocked and not sold.

 To ensure regular production quality, more attention is paid to the crops : from stock seed shipment to commercial seed reception.

«Vegetable seeds production is an international profession. We grow our seeds overworld. Thanks to this organization, we reduce the weather risks, dividing areas, which secures the volume and the quality of our production.» explains Ronan GORIN the managing director.

Production on Technisem Station:

We also produce ourselves some seeds on Technisem stations, located in Africa. For this, we are daily connected with the production teams to support them in their activity.