Our first site, in «Ile de France» (near Paris), in spite of its potential, was quickly limited because of lack of space. That is why and for some other reasons, that in 2009 Ronan GORIN decided to create a new site in «Anjou», the «french seeds valley».

Nowadays, TECHNISEM has a true asset to follow its development. Having a new ultra modern factory, TECHNISEM can increase its fabrication team, buy new machines, improve seed storage in cold room where temperature and hygrometry are under control.

Thanks to its informatic system especially created on purpose, TECHNISEM disposes of good lot traceability and optimizes the different logistical posts as reception, fabrication, preparation and shipment of the orders. Thereby any seed quantity is identified and followed during a long process more and more accurate and competitive to satisfy the requests of our customers. TECHNISEM keeps on going evenly to improve the conservation of the seed packed, using perfectly waterproof packaging. Offering a large range of packaging, TECHNISEM can commercialize its products according to the different market needs.

At the present time, TECHNISEM has a serious work tool which allows to increase exponentially the seed quantity exported each year and decrease the fabrication lead times. The main objective is to insure quality constantly to remain the tropical market leader of tomorrow.

«On top of our african breeding stations, our other main asset is the modernity of our process and factory. It allows us, controlling our costs, to improve the quality and the traceability of our products» notices Bernard ADAMO, TECHNISEM’s Factory Manager.


1/ Storage

We store all our seeds in a cold room for keeping their quality: it is built with isothermal pieces and doors, provided with cooling systems and materials for dehydrating. So, we preserve our seeds in a healthy and dry middle where the temperature and hygrometry are constantly checked. A good storage improve the longevity of the raw materials.

The storage of our seeds is organized with pallet racks and its capacity is near from 500 tons.

A big part of our factory is also used for the storage of packaging furniture: pictures, packets, self-adhesive labels… The floor surface is optimized and the arrangement of the seeds is clear. We have installed metal racks with big ways in a spacious and luminous warehouse. The staff can move easily and safely.

 2/ Traceability

Our computer system allows us to follow all the time the situation of a lot in process and to preserve the history of the same lot for any researches if necessary. A unique identity corresponds to each lot commercialized and it is a guarantee of a good rigour of work.

Also, each packaging is identified by a clear label as well as a picture named «chromo».

3/ Packaging and treatment

We have got an performant park of machines, which fit onto requirements of rhythm of work and suitable to our specific kind of packaging. The workshop fitting is optimal and it put forward the quality of our work.

 4/ Preparation and shipment

A part of our workshop is especially dedicated to the preparation of orders: small bags and tins are packed and stored in boxes before being sent. It is necessary to use pallet for many shipments: they are suitable to our american boxes sizes and they suit to NIMP 15 norms.

Thus, we can send our products all around the world.

 5/ Our packaging


In order to answer to the requirments of the different markets, TECHNISEM offers a large brand of packaging. For tins, TECHNISEM uses brilliant metal packaging. The lid is setting according to agroalimentary market norms and improves conservation conditions. We get the same qualities with our packets  which are perfectly waterproof to outside contraints (humidity, UV, …).

For small packaging (from 1 to 50 gr according to the species), we offer to our customers different kind of packets. We use aluminium doses which are reliable and maintains seeds for the customers.