Our ambitions

Located in Longué-Jumelles (west of France), TECHNISEM is involved in plant breeding, seeds production and distribution for professionals of Tropical areas.

Passionate by our activity of seed producer we are proud to contribute to provide a better food safety situation in Tropical countries and more accurately in Africa.

Each step of our work is motivated by focusing our efforts to offer appropriate varieties meeting both producers and consumers expectations.

A pioneer and innovating company

Concerned by the gap between the African needs and solutions proposed by European breeders, Mr Emile GORIN created TECHNISEM in 1985 to offer homogeneous, performing and adapted varieties to African producers.

TECHNISEM rapidly distanced itself from its competitors becoming the first breeding company involved in commercializing seeds of quality in Western African countries. It progressively became obvious to offer suitable varieties tolerant to extreme Tropical climate conditions and encouraged us to develop our own breeding programs. TECHNISEM has been the 1st  breeding company to establish  its own research station in Africa (Senegal). Part of our work is on varieties consumed all over the world (such as tomatoes, lettuces, …) but we also pay  particular attention in research and development of typical African species. Nowadays TECHNISEM is still the 1st breeder company working on improving species like the African eggplant, the chinense hot pepper, or the African okra.

The onion, very popular product, is one of our priority: even if there are numerous improving research programs all over the world, once again TECHNISEM makes the difference being the 1st breeding company working on onion African ecotypes, type “short days”.

A Franco-African Company

RonanMr Ronan GORIN, Chairman and Managing Director says :

“Our links with Africa are very strong since many years and we do not really see us as a European Company. Our success comes from the association of multicultural skills. It’s a win-win environment. Each individual in our team contributes to our development with his own knowledge and culture. Besides I was born in a small village of Central African Republic. As a result, we can say TECHNISEM is a Franco-African Company and if we are leader on this market it’s because we’ve been the 1st to believe in this continent and its potential when nobody even thought of going there.”

Our ambitions

As a private company, TECHNISEM can’t develop itself without making profits dedicated to reinvestment. Nevertheless our aim is not only to commercialize vegetable seeds in Africa and more specifically in Tropical areas but it is also to contributed to the economic development of the Tropical countries we work with. Offering adapted products with high productive potential will allow producers to earn a better living but should also lead those countries to a better alimentary self-sufficiency.

“For instance, we are very proud to see an African farmer producing 5 times more tomatoes with our varieties than with oldest ones.” says Ronan GORIN.

Today our activity increases but our aim remains the same: keep going on with developing this economic approach and contribute to what we could call the Green African Revolution.