Our values

TECHNISEM: “a different world vision”

The respect is our work core and our first value: respect for our employees, for our suppliers, for our customers but also respect for the environment.

The seed job practicing in the emerging countries of intertropical Africa cannot limit itself to a simple sales activity motivated to the immediate profit. Therefore, for 30 years, TECHNISEM tries hard to participate more widely in the agricultural development of numerous countries of intertropical Africa.

Since 1985, date of the company TECHNISEM setting up, we care that the integration of our professional approach is moving towards a sustainable development in agreement with the development policies of the countries with which we work with.

Our main objective is to be able to give to the African farmer, competitive products of high quality at prices adapted to the local realities within a social economy. In parallel, we focuse our effort to mutualize the experience of our partners and to develop partnerships with local development or research organizations. We also want to play a role in the protection of natural resources by participating in the implementation of management engineering more eco-aware.

This approach motivates constantly the whole technical staff of TECHNISEM and starts with the technical means which we mobilize ourselves on our own stations with the following concerns:

Our commitments 


 Water management

Water is a precious ressource in Sub-saharan Africa and we do our best to limit our groundwater uses by stocking streaming water during hot and humid season.


Soil conservation and fight against excessive use of inputs

We test different methods of soil conservation which are in agreement with environmental protection. For example, to fight against nematods, we use Crotalaria capensis but also peanut cultivation because this specie has natural capacity to fight nematods.

In addition to this quality, peanut could also be ploughed in soil to improve the organic matter content. This is really interesting because organic matter is an expensive natural substrat and it is not always easy to find in Sub-saharan Africa.



Reduce distance between production and consumption area

To reach this goal, TECHNISEM invests in the creation of several seeds production site, established in market garden areas in West Africa or in Madagascar.

A constant professionnal training

For the last 30 years, TECHNISEM has contributed to train several young engineers and technicians in agronomy and other fields.station